Grant recipients - Promotion and conservation of Tasmania's cultural heritage initiative (2005)

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Restoration and Improvement Works for Holy Trinity Anglican Church Launceston

The church is listed on the Tasmanian Heritage Register, considered to be the greatest work of architect Alexander North, and is a significant tourist attraction.  Professional practitioners will be employed to carry out

  • restoration of timber flooring
  • replacement of carpet
  • installation of interior glass doors
  • installation of awning


West Coast Heritage Authority Ltd

Gaiety Theatre Restoration

The Gaiety Theatre will be restored to its former glory through:

  • Ceiling repairs
  • Painting
  • General repairs
  • Resurfacing floor


Trustees of the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania - Parish of Sorell, Richmond and Tasman

St. Martin's Anglican Church, Dunalley Restoration

The project will address movement in the stonework and will be undertaken by a recognised practitioner in the restoration of heritage buildings.


Friends of Adventure Bay Inc

Awakening Community and Visitor Interest in the Historical and Cultural Heritage of Adventure Bay, Bruny Island

The project consists of three inter-linked projects – publication of a brochure on areas of historical significance (50,000 print run); publication of a book on the aboriginal heritage, explorers and colonial art, early settlement of the Bay and areas of current interest (5000 copies); and rehabilitation of monuments


Clarence Plains Historical Society Inc.

Restoration of Grave of the Robert Knopwood's ward Elizabeth Morrisby (Betsy Mack)

The project will restore and conserve the grave of one closely associated with the first Chaplain of Van Diemen’s Land.  Reverend Knopwood raised Betsy Mack as an orphan.  The grave is in the Heritage-listed St Matthew’s Church in Rokeby, adjacent to Rev Knopwood’s tomb.  Work will be undertaken by a professional practitioner.


Furneaux Historical Research Association

Development of Furneaux Museum -- Additional Building

The project will be to construct an additional building for the Museum as a multi-purpose space that can be used for exhibitions, school groups, training volunteers etc.  The building will improve disabled access.  A Building Appeal has already raised $37,000 from a small population for the work.  The local council is contributing around $15,000 to the project.


Glamorgan Spring Bay Historical Society

Digitise Photo Collection

The project will digitise and therefore preserve the Society’s collection of over 11,000 documents, photographs and heritage items.  Some items date to the 1820s.


Kingborough Council

Re-opening the Mills Reef -- Sheepwash Bay Trail, Bruny Island

The project is to construct a gravel trail between Alonnah pontoon boat ramp carpark and Sawyer’s Camp creek over the historic ‘dray-trail’ foundations.  Council will erect interpretive material at key points on the trail .  The trail was used to cart timber from Bruny Island for use in Hobart Town and to transport goods for use on Bruny Island.  This trail will link with other historic trails around Bruny Island.


Tranmere-Clarence Plains Land & Coastcare Inc

The Old Rokeby Historic Trail Revisited

Production of a book on historic Rokeby.


Tasmanian Wool Centre

Ross Community and the Story of Female Convictism

The Tasmanian Wool Centre attracts approx 90,000 visitors per year.  The Centre provides tours of Ross and surrounds.  The project will tell the story of the Female Convict Station at Ross through an interpretative trail between the township and the Station and draw tourists from the main touring route.  The TCF funding will be used for project management, and interpretation planning and implementation.


Tasman Peninsula Historical Society

Restoration of Old Courthouse

Repair and refurbishment of the Old Courthouse at Premaydena.  The Old Courthouse was part of a convict outstation.  The land is on the Tasmanian Heritage Register.  It is intended, over time, for the Courthouse to become a history room.  The building is in urgent need of restoration.


Circular Head Heritage Centre

Capturing Circular Head's Heritage

Production of a unique book on the historical and heritage story of Circular Head, targeted at the tourist market.  The book will feature highlights from over 100 oral recordings from local community members.  2000 copies will be produced plus 100 leather-bound ‘collectors’ editions.


National Trust of Australia (Tas)

Old Umbrella Shop Repairs and Signage

The Old Umbrella Shop is the oldest traditional shop in Tasmania still operating in its original form.  Built in 1860, the shop is a three-story brick structure with an additional cellar.  It displays 100 years of umbrellas.


National Trust of Australia (Tas)

Restoration of Penghana & General Office, Queenstown

Restoration to the rooves of Penghana and the General Office.  Both of these previously belonged to the Mt Lyell Mining and Railway Co.


Woolmers Foundation Inc.

Significant Tree Rescue Plan

Salvage and maintenance of some of the most historically significant trees and shrubbery located at Woolmers.    Woolmers was settled in 1816 and now functions as a major tourism complex with accommodation, gifts, tours and special events.  Over 100,000 people have visited the site in the last nine years.  The project involves a three-year plan to enable the rescue, restoration and maintenance of current and established trees, and to develop an overall rejuvenation and conservation plan.  The trees and shrubs are an integral part of the property.


RSL Tasmania Branch Inc.

Baily Flag Website Project

The project will create a database of signatories, cross-matched with their war service record, of those who signed the Baily Flag.  Harry Baily, from Huonville, was stationed at an ambulance station in Gallipoli in 1915.  He was injured around the same time as the Red Cross flag was brought down by shell-fire.  The ambulance station was later evacuated, with a fellow soldier Bill Mawby wrapping Baily in the flag.  Baily kept the flag and had it signed by ANZACS, nurse and other service personnel, colleting over 500 signatures. The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery purchased the flag, with assistance from the Dept of Veteran Affairs.


Clarence City Council

Rosny Historic Centre Barn Development

The Rosny Historic Centre is the site of the original Rosny farm.  The site is listed on the Tasmanian Heritage Register being particularly noted as possibly the oldest remaining stone barn in Australia.  The farmhouse and barn are part of the early settlement of the Hobart area dating from possibly 1807.

The project is to develop the barn into a high quality useable, flexible space for visual and performing arts events, community workshops and changing displays.  The barn will include interpretive signage, displays etc concerning the site’s history.


Female Factory Historic Site Ltd

The Visions Project

The Female Factory site is located in South Hobart and was the principal convict site for women in Australia.  The site will be gifted to Tasmanians from the FFHS Ltd in 2009.

Their project consists of two major initiatives:

  • Gallery Space – Matron’s Cottage – refurbishment of the two front rooms into a gallery space for displays of historic artefacts, exhibitions and art works.  This will enable the original Georgian cottage to remain intact
  • Courtyard reflection – improving access, beautifying and development of the site as a paved area with garden, with appropriate interpretative material.


Levendale and Woodsdale History Rooms Inc

Restoration of Woodsdale School

Restoration of the Woodsdale School (built in 1884) to its original state, with the Principal’s residence transformed into a museum and the school house into a community centre.  Electrical work, replacement of weatherboards and gutters and painting will be carried out.


Friends of Soldiers Walk Inc

The Avenues Project

This project will produce an ‘Avenues Kit’ for the restoration of Avenues of Honour at 10 different communities around the State as well as continue work, including the installation of additional plaques, on Hobart’s Soldiers Memorial Walk.


Palawa Aboriginal Corporation

milaythina mana mapali

The grant will be used to construct an Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Centre in Goodwood, that will act as a focal point for the cultural and heritage programs and activities delivered by Palawa.  The building will also serve to upgrade the existing Women’s Karadi Aboriginal Corporation facilities.


Pugin Foundation

St. Patrick’s Church, Colebrook

This project is to carry out the comprehensive restoration of St. Patrick’s Church, Colebrook, and its environs to its original (mid-nineteenth century) condition, including the reinstatement of missing elements.  It was designed by Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin, arguably England’s greatest early Victorian architect, designer and theorist, in 1843 and constructed in 1855-56.


Meander Valley Council

Meander Valley Performing Arts Centre

This project will renovate and restore the former Deloraine Town Hall (circa 1880) and establish it as the Meander Valley Performing Arts Centre.


Narryna Heritage Museum Inc

Narryna Museum Audio Initiative

This project will produce a 30-minute dramatised audio presentation for visitors.  Once produced, the audio system is made available to visitors at a small cost to use with headphones to review the details of Narryna’s collection.


Launceston Walking Club

Preservation of Film Archive and “Do You Know Tasmania” Digital Transition

Funds will be used to:

  • Preserve the Launceston Walking Club’s film and slide archives.  The Club has a collection of colour and black and white movie films that record bushwalking and outdoor activities in Tasmania since 1954.   These will be transferred to a digital format to ensure preservation.
  • Facilitate a transition to digital production of the club’s “Do You Know Tasmania” audiovisual show.  Since 1954, this show has been attended by over 100,000 people and highlights the conservation movement in Tasmania leading to the start of the first Green political party.


About Campbell Town Inc.

Rejuvenation of the Campbell Town/Elizabeth River Connection

The funding will assist with the implementation of the landscape master plan that will help to conserve and promote the cultural heritage of Campbell Town and the Elizabeth River, and, in particular, the historic Red Bridge.


Break O'Day Council

History Museum

Housing and preservation of the History Room collection of historical artefacts and photographs.  The History Room has over 6,000 photos, memorabilia and heritage items from the community.  A large number of these items are held in storage as space is limited.


Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

Our Stories -- A New Tasmanian History Gallery

The project will provide an avenue for telling stories about Tasmania and Tasmanians through a Tasmanian history gallery.  The Museum will be able to display their history collection so that visitors can discover the stories that have shaped our island.  The funding will purchase exhibition cases.


Football Tasmania Inc

Tasmanian Football:  Hall of Fame at Aurora Stadium at York Park

The Tasmanian Football Hall of Fame will recognise and enshrine players, coaches, umpires, administrators, teams etc who have made a most significant contribution to Australia Football in Tasmania since 1869.  The Hall of Fame will be located at Aurora Stadium.


Low Head Pilot Stations Reference Group

1866 School Residence and School Room Restoration

The project is to restore the historically and culturally significant 1866 school residence and schoolroom.  The site is a publicly owned facility and is managed by the Reference Group on behalf of the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service.  It is one of the oldest groups of pilot stations in Australia.

Final funding is subject to approval of the conservation plan by the Tasmanian Heritage Council.

Note: this grant has been withdrawn by the Board due to insufficient progress.