Greens Beach Coastal Track Upgrade - small grant makes a big difference


The seaside village of Greens Beach located at the mouth of the Tamar River is benefitting from the upgrade to a popular walking track.

The heavily used 60m, 1.25m wide pathway is an important link to the Greens Beach Coastal Track and sits within a conservation area.

The Greens Beach Landcare Group reconstructed the degraded section of the track with the help of the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service and a grant from the TCF Community Action Grant Round.

Works supervisor for Greens Beach Landcare Michael Boyden said the particular section had deteriorated to the point of it becoming unsafe due to damaging water flow, and the group of volunteers were motivated to get it fixed.

“The Coastal Track is one of the main attractions in this very popular area and has been maintained for over 25 years by our Landcare group,” Michael said.

“The power of volunteers has built this pathway, assisted by Parks and Wildlife who provided workers and equipment to move the many metres of gravel used in the project.

“A core group of 6 volunteers were knee deep in the mud at times to, ensure a high quality construction, which included building culverts, laying pipes and bordering to make the path stand the test of time.”

TCF Chairperson Sally Darke said the path was a fine example of motivated volunteers working to partner with the TCF and other organisations to make their local area more liveable.

“Their partnership with the local Parks and Wildlife team to get the job completed is to be commended, as is the quality of the construction in the finished product,” Sally said.

“This pathway clearly improves community wellbeing, a focus area of the TCF, by improving access to the main Greens Beach and Bakers Beach walking tracks from the village centre, for the whole community to use more safely.”