Going Places with Hands on Learning


Everyone has a genius, that when uncovered, ensures you fly.

There’s a whole new world out there for Chloe after three years and many achievements as part of the Hands on Learning team at the Sorell School in Tasmania.

“Being part of HoL has opened my eyes to what is possible and in front of me in my life. HoL is a safe space you go one day a week, the teachers are great, you can have a chat, and get to know other people and yourself better. It’s helped me learn to work in a team. It’s helped me stay at school. It’s helped me communicate more confidently with lots of people in my part-time job as a waitress at a busy pub. I wouldn’t have got the two jobs that I have if I didn’t do HoL. Now I keep thinking of all the sorts of things that I can do.”

It is a radical U-turn from three years ago.

“I was so close to dropping out in Grade 8. Back then you would have seen me at school one day a week max. I hated having to sit all day in the classroom. You think school is not important, but deep down I know it is. I would love to be a builder. Now I turn up to school every day. It does make a difference to what you can do in life.

The change for me was being part of HoL. When you go to HoL you actually do things. You see an outcome. You look at your work and you can see what you have achieved. You work as part of a team. If you get stuck, you can lean to another person. You can ask what do you think? You can chat as a group and figure out the solution.”

“In HoL you learn how to interact with people. You don’t get that same chance in the classroom. It was hard starting secondary school after doing all my primary school at a small school. In Grade 6 you are the oldest and it is a rude shock when you get to secondary. There are so many kids.”

HoL artisan-teacher Craig Griffiths describes Chloe as a real leader with impressive practical skills who works hard and gets the job done.

“These days Chloe takes charge. She leads by example, and she lets her team-mates know when they don’t pull their weight. Now Chloe is on track. Correction. She is on fire.”

According to Chloe, “I will give most things a crack now.”

Chloe says she still can’t sit still, but it matters so much less these days.