Glenview Community Services - Korongee Village


The Tasmanian Community Fund has helped Glenview Community Services meet the needs of their residents and staff at Korongee Village, situated in Glenorchy, with the funding for two electric people movers.

Korongee, Australia's first village for people living with dementia, opened in July 2020 and the world class facility is based on a small house model design.

The unique design of Korongee, and the way its residents are cared for, is centred on evidence that suggests small house living as well as connections with recognisable sights and natural spaces, can have a huge impact on overall happiness, health and wellbeing.

Glenview CEO Lucy O’Flaherty said Korongee is a game changer in addressing the big social challenges of dementia.

“This is an opportunity with a brand new site to create something special,” she said.

“The entire village has been built with dementia design principles throughout, so a sense of everyday familiarity is much easier to maintain.”

Korongee features 12 houses in four cul-de-sacs, along with the heart of the village which consists of a community centre, gardens, a general store, café and a wellness centre.

A key element to the village is the ability for residents to move freely throughout the grounds and partake in village life.

However, recognising that there will be people living at Korongee who will have limited mobility, the two electric people movers will enable them to get out and experience life.

Valued at approximately $16,000 each, these vehicles have become a vital part of daily life for both residents and staff.

“Having two electric people movers in the village will empower residents who may otherwise have limited choices, to be driven to appointments in the village, to attend events and participate in community life.

“This is a key component to the goal of ensuring residents living at Korongee retain their sense of dignity, autonomy and wellbeing,” said Ms O’Flaherty.