Weymouth Hall Upgrades


A community driven project has led to a major kitchen upgrade for a popular north east coast community, with major funding from the TCF.

The Weymouth Progress Association together with the George Town Council has undertaken a major upgrade of catering facilities in the Weymouth Hall, providing an updated catering facility for members of the Weymouth and neighbouring communities.

The original kitchen was out-dated and didn’t comply with current Food Handling Standards and the Weymouth Progress Association worked hard to secure funding to enable it to bring the kitchen facility up to standard.

The President of the Weymouth Progress Association, Dr Mark Symes, said that the grants will not only contribute to an improvement in catering facilities but will also significantly enhance opportunities for community and social engagement and conducting community events.

“The Weymouth Hall is an important community hub for the area and regularly hosts major community events. It also provides casual hire opportunities for residents and visitors,” Dr Symes said.

Attending the opening, TCF Chair Sally Darke said Weymouth is a very active community that get in and help themselves, and the upgrades to the hall is a fine example of this.”

“With such a large show of support from permanent residents and those with holidays homes at the opening, it’s obvious that the hall is the centre of the community,” Ms Darke said.

The kitchen was put to good use on the day, with attendees treated to home-made delights including sausage rolls and scones with jam and cream.

Dr Symes said the Weymouth Progress Association is extremely grateful to the TCF, the Tasmanian Government, WD Booth Charitable Trust, George Town Council, RACT Community Fund and Bell Bay Aluminium for their support.

“Without their support, this upgrade would not have been possible,” he said.