TCF Visits Ross and Oatlands


Tasmanian Community Fund Board members and staff visited the Southern and Northern Midlands to discuss the needs and priorities with community members and to provide information on how community groups can access funds from the TCF.

The Board held a two-day meeting in Ross and Oatlands.  When visiting communities the TCF likes to gain a greater understanding of community issues and needs.  Our thanks to the Southern Midlands Council, Rural Alive and Well (RAW), Oatlands District High School and Oatlands District Homes Society for meeting with the Board to discuss what they are seeing in the community.

Our thanks also to the Tasmanian Wool Centre and Tunbridge Town Hall for hosting TCF Board and staff members and showing us the work that had been completed with TCF support.

Whilst in Oatlands the TCF provided a community forum to provide information on how to access and put the best case forward to receive TCF funding.  Our thanks to everyone who attended the Community Forum for their willingness to share. We hope the discussions that started at the session continue and look forward to talking further when the ideas have solidified.

Our thanks also to the Southern Midlands Council and Ross Reading Room for allowing us to use their facilitates for the Board meeting and to the Oatlands Community Hall Committee for providing a room for the forum.