Support Connect & Rebuild - Small Projects Announcement


We are pleased to announce that 16 small projects have received a share of just over $200,000 in our Covid Response Round.
Our response to the pandemic will see a diverse range of projects funded, including:

  • the purchase and installation of a community video conference system at the Flinders Island Arts and Entertainment Centre to increase community connection and reduce social isolation;
  • a platform for youth and elderly to produce podcasts exploring relevant issues and giving voice to Kentish community members further isolated by COVID-19;
  • Yemaya Women's Support Service providing education to increase women's knowledge, skills, assertiveness and self-confidence in identifying abusive relationships and to reduce family violence impacts in the West Tamar community;
  • Sexual Assault Support Service promoting physical activity in children at risk of disengagement due to the impact of family and sexual violence and isolation from COVID-19 in the Huon Valley.

The $3.5 million Covid Response Round was setup to rebuild, support and connect communities impacted by the effects of the global pandemic and these are the first monies to be distributed, with medium and large recipients to be announced in December this year.

A full list of recipients and projects can be found here.