Project Presentations


The Tasmanian Community Fund recently held their annual project presentation days where representatives from 25 funded TCF programs shared an update about with their fellow recipients and the TCF Board and staff. The presentation days offered an opportunity for organisations and projects in the areas of workforce engagement and improving wellbeing to learn about each other’s work and identify opportunities for future connection. The days also provided a platform in which to communicate outcomes and stories of both successes and learnings and to pave the way for future collaborations across the sector.

A highlight during the presentation days was hearing the stories of change and benefits to participants in programs and particularly hearing directly from two employees from Hamlet Inc, a social enterprise that provides pathways to employment in the hospitality industry for Tasmanian’s experiencing barriers to employment. The TCF wish to thank Kye and Laura for sharing their personal stories and congratulate them on the many successes they have achieved during their employment journey at Hamlet.

In our survey after the event, one participant commented “it is so rare that we hear about the work that other organisations are doing - and this was an amazing opportunity to hear about the projects, the way they are organised and the wins and challenges. I really liked that the TCF Board and staff were wanting to not only hear about the works in progress - but were also creating an opportunity to share the intel that they get from the grant process. It helped me to understand much more about how the TCF operates and also demonstrated a really positive way to build community and strong networks. I liked being asked to spend sustained time listening to other projects.

The TCF Board acknowledge the efforts made by participants to attend the day and congratulate all groups on their high calibre of presentations and achievements to date. The TCF will continue to embed the annual project presentation day into its yearly calendar and look forward to bringing organisations and projects together for future learning and connection.