New program getting to the grassroots of it


The TCF knows all too well that volunteers are vital to community connection, safety, health, and wellbeing.

Many communities and organisations are reliant on volunteers to take on committee or board positions to support effective governance, and in many cases operations of their organisation.

As the TCF team travels around the state meeting communities and organisations, one issue is regularly raised - the difficulty of recruiting volunteers and ensuring that existing and new volunteers have the knowledge and skills to take on the roles required to keep organisations and initiatives running.

These concerns are more pronounced in rural and regional areas.

To help meet this need in the community, the TCF is implementing a new program to strengthen the governance capability and confidence of the many volunteers working in community organisations around the state by running a state-wide series of governance workshops.

The TCF’s Grassroots Community Governance program aims to build knowledge and give people the confidence to take on and stay in volunteer roles.

Latrobe-based Alkas Consulting has been awarded the contract to conduct the 45 workshops over three years in all corners of the state, including King and Flinders Island.

Consultant Steve Allen is excited about rolling out the program with his colleagues Ella Dixon and Donna Bain.

“We recognise that that there are a multitude of reasons why members of our community join community groups – to serve, through an interest, hobby or endeavour, but also in large part to have fun,” Steve said.

“Our aim through offering this grass roots community governance program is to honour that commitment but at the same time to help people to improve their capacity and understanding of governance.

“Although governance can be a dry subject, we’ve devised a program that is engaging, interactive and fun.  Our aim is for participants to leave the session with a smile on their face and with the confidence to positively affect their community organisation.

“Ongoing, the training sessions will see community members create their own support networks and participate in ongoing discussions about governance.

“Moreover, each year, specific development and learning opportunities will be available for the specific roles of chair, secretary and treasurer of community groups through online learning, forums and discussion groups.”