About Us

The Tasmanian Community Fund aims to build vibrant communities that are capable and resilient in shaping their future. We have been supporting community organisations since 1999 through the provision of grants.

We are a small team that work closely with applicants to assist in the development of grant applications. Our experienced Board assess applications to help improve the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the Tasmanian community.

We usually offer two grant rounds a year held in early February and in July. In response to community need the Board may also hold a targeted round.

About the fund

The Tasmanian Community Fund (TCF) provides grants to not for profit organisations for projects that benefit the Tasmanian community. The Tasmanian Community Fund arose from the sale of the Trust Bank. As part of that sale an annual appropriation was made available for a community fund to provide grants to not-for-profit organisations.

The Tasmanian Community Fund is managed by an independent Board appointed by the Governor. The TCF Board invests in projects that strengthen the Tasmanian community. Our  vision is vibrant communities that are capable and resilient in shaping their future.

Funding allocated

Since 2000, the Board has assessed more than 9 250 applications for funding, requesting more than $487 million.

The Board has awarded more than $111 million in grants to more than 3 000 projects.

The amount of money allocated, and the number and variety of successful projects, make the Fund a significant resource for Tasmanian community organisations.

In 2018–19, total funding of $7.59 million was awarded to 143 projects.

Strategic Focus

The Tasmanian Community Fund have adopted a four year Strategic Plan and through community consultation have developed a strategic focus which includes:-

  • Community Wellbeing;
  • Increasing Workforce Engagement
  • Community Infrastructure
  • Leadership and Capacity Building, and;
  • Meeting the Need

Tasmanian Community Fund Act 2005

In 2005, Parliament passed legislation which governs the Fund’s operations. The new legislation preserved the main principles enshrined in the original legislation including:

  • The Board has full autonomy to set the Fund’s direction and award grants.
  • Funds provided to the Board for distribution are guaranteed under legislation and not subject to Budget deliberation.

Under the legislation, Board members must act honestly and in the best interests of the Tasmanian community and avoid any conflict of interest.

The legislation provided that the annual appropriation would be maintained in line with the consumer price index.